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Solar control films

and heat-reflective coatings

for your SUMMER COMFORT for your PRIVACY for your SECURITY

and your energy savings.

From tradition to the most advanced technological solutions.

The company focuses on safety and passive solar shielding of transparent (glazing), translucent (skylights), and opaque (roofs) surfaces, offering tailor-made solutions that are effective and long-lasting.

Our service, managed by highly qualified technical consultants, covers the entire process, from design and estimation to the issuance of energy-saving reports. The increasing demand for high-energy-saving sun protection films and certified safety films has led Serisolar to significant expansion on a national scale. Our branches in Trento, Milan, Venice, Florence, and Rome ensure extensive coverage across the country, with sales engineers capable of directly analyzing the energy and security challenges of buildings on-site and offering tailor-made solutions, also with an ecological perspective.

Our product line

Optimized solutions

Why Choose Sunscreen Films?

Sunscreen films offer a comprehensive solution for energy efficiency by reducing the thermal load of spaces and enabling significant energy savings. They protect interiors from the harmful effects of sunlight, preserving furniture and furnishings. They contribute to living comfort by reducing heat sensation and glare. Additionally, some films offer additional security by absorbing impacts and protecting against intruders.

How Much Can Be Saved with Sunscreen Films?

Sunscreen films are an effective solution for reducing the impact of incoming sunlight by reflecting a significant percentage, between 70% and 94%, of the solar radiation that hits the windows of residential or office buildings. This not only contributes to a more comfortable environment but also results in significant energy savings. Specifically, due to this solar control ability, a substantial reduction in electrical consumption related to summer air conditioning can be achieved, with estimated savings ranging from 30% to 50%.

Solar control films Can Be Installed on All Glass Surfaces

Sunscreen films for glass represent a versatile solution and can practically be applied to any flat and smooth glass or window, avoiding complications on corrugated or rough glass. The installation of these films is a quick and cost-effective process that can be carried out directly on-site without the need to remove the glass from the frame. This efficient procedure eliminates any inconvenience, allowing for a rapid implementation of the films without interruptions in daily routines and without causing disruptions in the environment where they are applied.

Purchase Process

Your film in 5 steps


Free Site Inspection

Fast times for technical-energetic analysis of windows, skylights, and roofs, analysis of window safety.

Free Quote

Proposals with long-lasting products chosen specifically for you by our specialized local technical consultants.

Savings Calculation

Using data loggers, we design and meet the requirements for quick return on investment (R.O.I.).

Installation throughout Italy

5 physical locations in Trento, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome. Agencies in Puglia and Sardinia. 25 employed installers.

10 to 15 years warranty

Serisolar is the only company to offer a warranty of up to 15 years both on the manufacturer's product and on the installation.

Window films installed in Italy

The numbers generated by the company are not just mere figures, but they represent the tangible result of our commitment, our effectiveness, and the importance of our contribution in the economic and professional sphere.

Solar control films installed every year
Customers saving on bills
Buildings renovated every year
Monthly energy saving

They trusted us

Prominent companies seek reliable partners to build a presence in the market efficiently, dynamically, and sustainably over time. It is essential to find partners capable of fully understanding the ideas and needs of customers, increasingly focusing on ecological aspects, which today play a fundamental role.