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Solid roots in harmony with the environment

A story of commitment and growth


The origins date back to 1965 with Seristampa, the company specialized in visual communication and adhesive decorative material for glass and panels, founded by Onorio Chiogna.

In the 1990s, Susi and Loredana Chiogna directed their father’s work towards solar control films for glass, and the company began installing them for the energy retrofitting of buildings. However, it was in 2000 with the arrival of Claudio Marsilli that Seristampa became Serisolar. At this point, the goal was clear: to reach the entire national territory with the proposal of exterior solar control films for energy savings.

The choice of product quality and the importance of staff training, both from a consultancy and technical-operational point of view, also characterized Serisolar’s approach during this period. The company’s proposals look to the future not only in terms of solutions but also in reference to the structure of the company itself, which establishes technical-operational offices throughout the country for an installation service that proves to be prompt and responsive even in managing time.

Since 2008, consultancy has become a specific training path for designers, with events such as conferences, trade fairs, and online webinars engaging an even larger audience nationwide. At this point, a story of commitment and development becomes synonymous with excellence in the industry. Serisolar is the partner company that works with businesses on the challenge of sustainability and energy efficiency in buildings.

Some time later, not too far away


In 1980 in Limbiate, near Milan, Tappezziere was born, a company specialized in interior and exterior curtains founded by Luca Ivo Maurizio.

Over time, the company also shifted towards different solar shading solutions, and from 2000 onwards, with the entry of his daughter Federica into the company, they began distributing and installing window films as well.

During these years, the two companies, the one in Trento and the one in Milan, began to interact with increasing frequency, offering complementary solutions to businesses. Where window film installation was not possible, curtains could work for shading, and vice versa.

These were the prerequisites for the birth of Serisolar Milano in 2009, dedicated to the territories of the neighboring regions, offering the quality of Trentino’s solar shading solutions with the industry experience acquired in curtains. The previously mentioned territorial coverage now serves Piedmont, Liguria, and Valle d’Aosta in addition to Lombardy, where the company has long been a reference point.

A unique project with a shared vision

Serisolar and the importance of sustainability

In 2024, Serisolar becomes a single company, combining the experience of Trento and Milan with the goal of offering high-end energy efficiency solutions to businesses with excellent installation quality that can truly be considered sustainable. Throughout the history of both entities, there has always been a clear intention to interpret energy efficiency in a sustainable way, to provide businesses with tangible tools capable of reducing their environmental impact.

The story of Serisolar is one of commitment and determination, towards both people and the environment: ours is a collective effort aimed at finding sustainable and quality solutions, enhanced by installations and installation works carried out with competence.

This is the only growth model we conceive:

Let’s make it sustainable  


Our purpose is to contribute to the responsible development of the planet and the community, safeguarding their value with a focus on future generations. We see the economy as the driving force behind the change towards greater sustainability and quality of life for people. Therefore, we firmly believe that real change is only possible by providing solutions to businesses, where achieving environmental and social objectives not only does not exclude but also strengthens the achievement of economic goals, synergistically with those of safety and solar shading.

What sets us apart

Serisolar is the leading Italian company in the safety and solar shading of windows, skylights, and roofs. We boast decades of experience in the energy retrofitting of buildings, specializing in products and services developed specifically for medium and large enterprises. Our strength lies in the pursuit of triple sustainability: economic, environmental, and social. We aim for solutions that optimize investments and costs over time, reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, and increase the psychophysical well-being of people. Our products offer significantly greater durability than the investment payback period, ensuring high performance without losing efficiency over the years and with minimal maintenance requirements. They enable significant energy savings, visible both in terms of ecological footprint and energy costs, while also ensuring internal climatic comfort capable of significantly impacting the satisfaction and productivity of employees at their workplace.

Reliability in supply and performance is fundamental to us. For this reason, we rely exclusively on suppliers who are recognized for their reliability and are pioneers in the industry, carefully chosen based on product quality, seriousness in supply, and investments in research and development. Similarly, we ensure that businesses are supported by specialists with high expertise and technical know-how at every stage of the project, including trained consultants and qualified installers for a tailored choice and implementation of the most suitable solution. This starts with careful calculations on energy savings and economic forecasts, through to correct installation and rapid assistance. With Serisolar, you are in safe hands: our turnkey service, impeccable and well-organized thanks to our widespread presence, allows businesses to focus on their core activities.

01. Vision

We aspire to be a global reference point for a new approach to energy efficiency. An innovative company that offers the best products and services, not just in words but with transparent numbers and tangible results, and through this, grows and becomes increasingly recognized in the industry. We aim to inspire businesses and individuals with proven solutions and improvements, capable of enhancing their daily commitment and addressing the growing ethical and legal need to make a real contribution to more responsible consumption models.

02. Mission

We are technical experts in the safety and solar shading of windows, skylights, and roofs. Our commitment to shaping a more responsible development of the economy is at the heart of our dedication to providing products and services of the highest quality and truly sustainable. We identify and implement solutions that are advantageous both in terms of cost optimization over time and in terms of a positive impact on sustainability, ecology, and social balance. We believe that this is only possible through careful choices and competent collaborators for tailored consultancy and state-of-the-art installation.

03. Values

At Serisolar, we are professionals and individuals with a great thirst for knowledge, constantly seeking coherence between data and facts, convinced that foresight leads further than short-term goals.

  • We believe in the coherence between data and facts. Progress, results, and value must be transparent and tangible to be real. We talk about ROI, energy savings, quality – but we also have the numbers to prove them.
  • We believe in the thirst for knowledge. To find the best solutions, bring tailor-made projects to life, and build trusted relationships, we listen to people. We nurture a deep understanding of the product and our industry for one simple reason: we care, a lot!
  • We believe in foresight. Safeguarding the future for businesses, people, and the planet means making responsible choices today. We work diligently to make sustainability sustainable for the economy, environmentally, and socially.

Discover our team

We are a successful team because we believe in the environment and in people

Here you can find all the information about the professional figures we are interested in. Serisolar is a company that invests in people’s skills: we build sustainability together, film by film.

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