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Solar control films allow to reduce the greenhouse effect in buildings, secure the windows, ensure privacy quickly and effectively without inconvenience, and without disrupting productive activity.

  • Free site visit: Quick turnaround for technical-energy analysis of windows, skylights, and roofing, safety analysis of windows.

  • Free Quote: Proposals with long-lasting products tailored for you by our specialized local technical consultants.

  • Savings Calculation: Using data loggers, we design to meet quick return on investment (R.O.I.) needs.

  • Installation Across Italy: 5 physical locations in Trento, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome. Agencies in Puglia and Sardinia, 25 employed installers. 10 to 15 Years

  • Warranty: Serisolar is the only company to provide up to 15 years warranty, both from the manufacturer on the product and on the installation.