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The Trentino-based company relies on consultants capable of offering specific solutions ranging from design and estimation to the delivery of an energy-saving report.

Another recognition for Serisolar. The Trentino-based company specialized in safety and passive solar shading of transparent surfaces received the award for the most innovative product in a workshop organized by the Action Group – Infoprogetto.

The conference, dedicated to construction and sustainability, took place in Vicenza on November 12th. Andrea Seren, partner of Serisolar Venice, explained the advantages of solar shading films to the audience.

Serisolar was chosen by the participants of the event for its quality, excellence, and innovative solutions. What makes Serisolar an excellence in the market?

Serisolar relies on professionally trained consultants capable of offering specific solutions from the design and estimation phase to the delivery of an energy-saving report.

The constant and growing demand for energy-saving solar films and legally certified safety films has led Serisolar to strong expansion nationwide.

The service offered ranges from professional consultancy, even in the design phase, to estimation with a report on achievable energy savings and guaranteed final installation. Despite the strong growth, Serisolar guarantees the quality typical of a craftsmanship service through qualified installers specialized in the entire North and Central Italy.

It boasts a widespread network of specialized personnel ensuring maximum professional reliability, experience, and continuous technical updating.

To maintain high standards offered in North and Central Italy, Serisolar is also present in the market with divisions such as Serisolar Trento (Headquarters), Milan, Venice, Florence, and Rome.

The Group specializes in solving all security, privacy, air conditioning (greenhouse effect), excessive brightness, and UV exposure (fading) issues.

Serisolar installs films from the best US manufacturers: 3M – Llumar – Madico