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Video Courses

Welcome to the exclusive section of Serisolar’s video courses, where we directly share our expertise in solar control and insulation systems with you. As a leading company in the installation of anti-solar and insulating window films, we understand the importance of keeping pace in an ever-evolving industry. That’s why we have selected a series of comprehensive video courses designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field.


Superbonus and Coverings

The covering plays a key role in the energy retrofitting of a building. But what are the possible design intervention strategies? And what are the most promising technologies? We discuss this with Claudio Marsilli, President of Serisolar Group.


Serisolar Autumn 2020 News

Interview with Dr. Claudio Marsilli

Video Course

Anti-Solar Window Films

This video presents a concrete project for a large glass covering of a restaurant room immersed in an enchanting landscape, effectively screened with anti-solar films with “zero mirror effect” to protect the surrounding environmental landscape. Professional instruments demonstrate how the ideal film type was chosen and confirm the improved internal microclimatic comfort.

Video Course

Adhesive LCD Switch Films

The video explains in detail the operation of electro-optical “privacy” films that can be activated with a simple IR remote control, which can become interesting screens for video projection and rear projection. Concrete cases are shown in the instructional video.

Video Course

Anti-Solar Paints for Skylights: Polishield and Polishield IC

The video explains in detail how to effectively solve problems related to the color generated through plastic skylights of the coverings, removing glare without losing brightness. A special section is also dedicated to the on-site repair of hail damage and breaks.

Video Course

Anti-Solar Paints for Coverings: Proflexum, Fast, and Fast Color

The video illustrates and delves into the topic of anti-solar paints for coverings in sheath, metal, or cementitious material. It goes into detail on concrete cases where surface temperatures are reduced from 80°C-90°C to just 35°C-40°C. All this with a durability of up to 25 years.